Spiegel Accountancy Corp. specializes in comprehensive accounting, tax, and consulting services for mortgage lenders, small businesses, and individuals. Enhancing your profitability and reducing your business risk is why we come to work each day. By taking our knowledge to the next level we create innovative and powerful tax minimization strategies that ensure audit compliance while helping you benefit from our relationships with specialty financial services and other providers.

“I had the privilege of working Jeff and Henry from Spiegel Accountancy for many years. I know them to be knowledgeable of mortgage accounting and both responsive and personable in their interaction with clients. I’ve worked with and reviewed the audit reports from hundreds of mortgage company auditors and can state as an objective assessment that Jeff and Henry are two of the best mortgage banking CPA Auditors / Accountants in the country. “

Andy Schell, CPA/CFF
Mortgage Banking Solutions

“Spiegel Accountancy Corp. has not only provided great audit and tax services, but their true value lies in business strategy assistance they provide throughout the year. SAC is an integral part of our team!”

Laurel A. Caliendo, President
Village Mortgage