While Jeff Spiegel began his career with some of the most renowned and nationally recognized accounting firms in the country, his entrepreneurial spirit fueled his desire to establish his own firm rather than work for someone else throughout his career. So, as the story goes, in 1990 Jeff left his corporate accounting job for something bigger, better, and brighter with the ambition of changing the world and taking the accounting and auditing world by storm. In other words, he founded Spiegel Accountancy Corp. and hasn’t looked back since.

Jeff’s intent back then was as pure as it is now – to provide accounting, audit, tax and consulting services to mortgage lenders and private equity funds, small-to-medium sized businesses and individuals.  And, those entities remain the cornerstone of Spiegel Accountancy Corp. today. In fact, we have experienced tremendous growth largely due to our depth of experience and commitment to those businesses and industries that we serve.

Jeff also focused on the firm’s practice areas and industry specializations so that our professional CPAs members could become true experts. The “practice makes perfect” philosophy is truly at work at Spiegel Accountancy Corp. We believe the best way to maintain the growth we’ve experienced is to maintain our focus on being the best at what we do. That’s why we constantly endeavor to deepen our specialization by keeping pace with industry trends, developments and regulations. And, it’s paying off. In the last three years alone, Spiegel Accountancy Corp. has grown 57 percent!

With our vast knowledge, we’ve fully embraced client education, conducting many training sessions and webinars on tax issues that directly impact mortgage lenders. In fact, we’re often asked to give presentations to companies throughout the industry – even those that are not our clients.

Spiegel Accountancy Corp.’s future vision is to continue to grow by further deepening its niche specialty and securing more partners. Our ultimate goal is to maintain our strong foothold and leadership position in the mortgage and private equity funds industries.

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Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Spiegel Accountancy Corp. is a professional accounting firm with a national practice specializing in the mortgage banking, private equity funds  and small business sectors. What sets us apart from other accounting firms are the values that define us – being a partner that is strategic, innovative and responsive. Our dedication to these values has enabled our practice to steadily grow in tandem with the growth and prosperity our established clients have experienced. That’s one of the main reasons new clients choose to partner with us.

Our mission of helping our clients is shared by other firms; but what differentiates us is our vision of partnership that is shaped by our values:


We provide a comprehensive array of services that can help improve your bottom line, increase your net worth, and reduce your tax liabilities while maintaining compliance with counterparties and regulators. With our vast knowledge, we develop a responsible plan that incorporates creative strategies that support your needs and help achieve your goals.


Keeping current with “best practices” is no longer enough. To successfully navigate today’s ever-changing maze of rules and regulations requires out-of-the-box thinking. That’s why at Spiegel Accountancy Corp., we constantly endeavor to uncover innovative methods that will help maximize your financial success.


Our clients consider Spiegel Accountancy Corp. a trusted resource because they know we recognize the importance of timely and accurate service. That’s why they rely on us to deliver constant communication. Our staff is highly responsive, ensuring you have the information you need, when you need it. We listen carefully to thoroughly understand what’s important to you, and we use this knowledge to develop innovative strategies to enhance your business success.

Strategic, innovative and responsive are three words that have worked for us; now let us make them work for you.

We listen carefully because we know what’s important to you, and we use this knowledge to develop innovative strategies to enhance your business success.